We have developed a concept for digital presentation, we call it LaternaGuide. The concept works as a talking sign, a wireless zone for multimedia presentation without the need for an app or internet connection.

Most people today carry a smartphone in their pockets, and this can be used as a media player. Laterna Guide can also be used for managing soundfiles in other contexts, such as loudspeakers in a «poetry chair».

With the Laterna Guide concept, the information is transferred straight from the box to the user’s phone.

The Guide offers an integrated solution that includes technology, hardware and contents produced in answer to the desires and needs expressed by the client. Everything is managed by a computer, a box, we  have now produced the fourth edition of it. We call it the LaternaPod.

Technically speaking, this box is an access point with an integrated antenna and a local web server with html multimedia content. Any device equipped with WiFi functionality can connect to it. By using their web browser, the visitor can visualize, interact and listen.

The content is presented within a professional, simple and functional design framework. It adapts seamlessly to different devices. We have developed our own publishing system for this purpose (Content Management System, CMS).

A yearly subscription-fee applies on purchasing a subscription: 350 euro/ year (from 2017). Subscription includes updates and content stored on a LaternaGuide-box + content stored on an Internet server.

The content we produce kan also be accessed on the Internet.